Israel's Mr. Show Fan Club


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That's M.E. (Mr.show Enthusiast)


What Makes M.E. So Special?
I wanted to be in a fan club where I will be the boss.

I needed to find a TV show that no one in Israel has ever heard about,

That way I will be able to found its fan club.

The only show that didnít have a fan club in Israel was a show called Mr. Show.

Although I never saw an episode or even heard of its host mr. Bob David I decided to form Israel's Mr. Show fan club.




In the next few weeks I will update my site with events im planning.

I will also try to get a hold of a DVD of the show so we can know what its all about.

Please e-mail M.E. if you want to join my club: mrshow@walla.com

My first activity was sending an e-mail to HBO suggesting they will change the show title to "M.E.-ster Show"

Here is the e-mail and the response.